Fire and Light
Fringe Arts Bath, Walcot Winterfest, 94-96 Walcot Street, Bath, UK
16 November – 24 November 2016

in collaboration with Sveta Antonova

At a time unknown… the group of selected 48 hours notice artists will be emailed at random by the 48 hours notice team; with the objective of creating work for an exhibition. This random email will include a word or a sentence (a title) with which artists will then have 48 hours to respond to – with the aim of making an artwork for an exhibition that will be on display very shortly afterwards…

As each 48 Hours notice exhibition revolves around the making and exhibiting of artworks at a very short notice, there is no pressure to create a masterpiece (your submitted artwork can even be a work in progress). The 48 Hours notice project is very much about exploring the process of creativity, with the aim of initiating a dialogue between the audience, artist/artworks and the space. Every idea and response is valid.
(Katie O’Brien)



Ollie Adams

Sveta Antonova
She is currently based in Bath (UK), working for 44AD artspace and gallery and planing further projects in her field of work. She finished her ‘Mesiterschüler’ straight after her MFA at the School of Art and Design in Kassel, Germany. Born in Russia, she lived and studied in Germany, Spain and England. Her research-based practice investigates perception and the everyday, human approach to language and text using linguistics and media theory.  

Lora Azza & Dimitar Dimov
Born in 1987, Lora Azza and Dimitar Dimov grew up during the transition period in post-communist Bulgaria. After finishing their studies in the Law Faculty at Strasbourg University they started to exhibit their conceptual work. Influenced by nature, science, metaphysics and psychology, they soon developed a taste for the unconventional, for the unexplored. Currently they try to overpass the conventional “unconventional” and gaze in the vast unexplored territories of complex interdisciplinary subjects. Their works are made through strict rules which can be perceived as liberating constraints. Romantic values such as ‘freedom’, ‘inspiration’, ‘genius’, ‘authenticity’ and “revolution” are thereby neutralized and put into perspective. Currently they are deepening their practice by studying anthropology and sociology.

Arran Hodgson

Scarlett Mosnier

Daniel Rushforth

Sid Smith & Jim Bicknell-Knight

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