Find another Bath
44AD Art Gallery and Artists Studios, Bath, UK
15 November – 20 November 2016

in collaboration with Anna Kot

Find another Bath is a short run book that is drawing together a wide range of local artists and poets who have responded to various aspects, locations and associations of Bath that are often overlooked or forgotten. Works include painting, prints, sculpture as well as video, performance, poetry and a specially composed piece of music and the book is to be launched at a show of the same name at 44AD artspace.

It is mainly concerned with the industrial history of Bath (including Stothert and Pitt, the Textile Mills, for instance) it is also drawing attention to the huge labour force that supported this, the conditions they lived in, and the desperate plight of some of their lives while reminding us of how this contrasts with the elegant and luxurious lifestyle usually promoted.

Find another Bath is not pretending to be anything more than an artist-led book.  It does not present dates or list facts or place events in a chronological order and nor does it comment on what is presented. Instead it is a rich mix of works and subjects that celebrate the many facets of our city, but which also includes another, unexpected, theme – the effects of passing time and how things change, are erased, suppressed or forgotten.
(Anna Kot, Carlos Ordoñez)


Bella Barton

Wendy Batt

Anya Beaumont

Jeffrey Boehm


Lorna Brunstein

Sophie Erin Cooper

Beata Cosgrove

Nick Cudworth

Beryl Desmond

Geoff Dunlop

Deirdre Elphick

Martin Elphick

Mary Jane Evans

Ray Fussell

Benjamin Goldfinch

Peter Hayes

Caroline Heaton

Ben Hughes

Angie Kinnear

Anna Kot

Pav Kot

Able Lawrence

Robert Luzar

Charlotte Moore

Jacob Nash

Katie O’Brien

Carlos Ordoñez

Marc Parrett

Richard Pearce

Usha Pearce

Jess Pigott

Sally Pollitzer

Will Rounce

Mary Rouncefield

Fay Stevens

Simon Taylor

Mark Thomas

Richard White

Richard Williams

Maria Wojdat

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