44AD artspace’s Annual Open Summer Show ‘eighthwonder’ (a)muse

44AD Art Gallery and Artists Studios, Bath, UK

8 August – 18 August 2019

curator: Nina Jesih

Artists are always eager to show off their artworks. Finished projects or even works in progress rule the walls of the gallery spaces, offices and households, engaging the audiences. However, what is it that comes before that?

Since ancient times, artists have spoken about their need for inspiration for their creative selves to come out. Striking women (and men) ignited the debates surrounding the paintings and sculpture in Renaissance and Baroque periods. But what (or who) sparks the artists nowadays?

What is their inspiration? How do they start the process of creating? What kind of muse amuses them enough to proceed into creativity?

“The muses are ghosts, and sometimes they come uninvited.” Stephen King, Bag of Bones

I asked artists from all over the world to express their stimulation in a finished artwork, resulting in a colourful variety of inspirational muses.

Read here more about their inspirations and check the artists 4 key words, describing their artworks.


Agnieszka Siwczyk

Angela Daley

Anya Beaumont

Bettina Amtag

Catherine Hood

Charlie Wayne

Daniel Rushforth

David Dixon

Denise Blackburn

Gordon Culshaw

Hannah Robin Baker

Hind Saâd

Jacob Weeks

Jenna Fox

José Crúzio & Pedro Maia

Konan Lim

Lisha Liang

Luminara Star

Lydia Swinney

Marianne van Loo

Mark Masters

Mary Rouncefield

Melissa Wraxall

Richard Nash

Rosie Burns

Ryan Lee Boultbee

Vito Parteli

Wilkot RA