What is Slovenia?

As our University is very international, there are a lot of student from all over the world, attending the classes. And yesterday me and my colleagues were talking and found out, no one really knows about the country I come from. It is called Slovenia and is in a shape of a chicken. Yes, a chicken.


So in the evening, when I was wondering about how to start my blog, it just came to me. Why not make a quick research about my home country. That should not take me a lot of time, as I am familiar with a subject. And in my head I started putting together all the info a tourist should know about Slovenia. As a consequence, I went to sleep at 1am.

Therefore, I hit the internet and the books in the morning and gathered all the important data.

Check our striking history that started long long time ago. We survived everything, from the crannogs in Ljubljana marshes (we uncovered a wooden wheel that is 5200 years old), to Roman empire (capital Ljubljana or Emona was a Roman settlement), medieval ages with witch burning and Napoleon’s Illyrian Provinces.

The oldest wooden wheel with an axle.

Slovenia, an uncovered jewel

This is what everyone that writes about my country calls it. And I must agree. We are really small, but we have everything you wish for.

I made a short list of the sights that I wanted to point out. But there are many many interesting other lists made by tourists and journalists and they are really pleasing to read. I must say I uncovered some new facts during my research.

So here it goes:

  • KRANJSKA GORA (If you like hiking, bicycling or skiing, depends of the season you come. Also it is very close to Italy and Austria (just around 15 minutes), so you can also visit 2 other countries in the same day.)


  • KOBARID (This “district” is made for the lovers of nature, as it is the home of the most beautiful river in the world. You can go canyoning, kayaking or swimming if you like freezing cold water. Also you can fish for trout.


  • PIRAN (If you go to the seaside, you should definitely visit this small town. You can just relax on the beach or take a hike to other nearby towns. Or maybe even Croatia as it’s border is almost next to it.)


  • THE MAYOR’S CAVE (We have a lot of caves, as we are a karst country. There are some beautiful bigger ones, but if you like a smaller one with no turists, visit this one. It was actually discovered by my grand grandfather when he fell through the ground in the woods.)


Artistic Slovenia

So, now that we put all the touristy stuff away, I can start digging into the Slovenian artistic venues, as we are an art university and if you visit, you have to see them.

  • MGML (It is an institution that has quite a few Ljubljana’s museums and galleries under it. Check the site to see which you would prefer. I used to work in Jakopič Gallery and City Museum.)
  • NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM (We have skeletons of the whale named Leonora, that died just off the coast of Piran and a mammoth that was found near Kamnik (actually they found a lot of their bones all through Slovenia). I ran children’s workshops, where they could touch mammoth’s tooth.)
  • MODERN GALLERY + MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART (I think the name tells you everything. We have some permanent exhibitions, but there are always a lot of important temporary ones. Interesting fact: the museum was opened just recently.)
  • NATIONAL GALLERY (It was recently renovated and got a whole lot of new space. Here you can see the famous Slovene impressionists.)

So this is all just in Ljubljana. Need to mention some more:

And also, don’t forget to visit Metelkova city, our own little corner for alternative cultures. By the way, there is a hostel, that used to be a prison. Do you dare to spend the night?


Just a little important points about my country. I have to say the research took me a lot more time as I anticipated. And also, now I miss Slovenia.




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