Do you dare to answer? #2

  1. Conceptual artists considered themselves cultural critics (Wark, 2001, p. 44). What does that mean to any other artist? Isn’t everyone’s work sort of criticizing society (let it be from Bosch, to Goya, Rodin and let’s say Rothko)? Can you consider yourself a critic only if your work negates aesthetics?
  2. Do I, as a female curator, need to show more female artists in a gallery? Is that a necessity for us as females (As Okwui Enwezor does with the non-Western artists, if I generalise.)? Do people expect this?And don’t forget to read this article and tell me your thoughts.


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    1. featured image: Guerrilla Girls (1989) Do women have to be naked?. ⌈electronic print⌋ Available from: ⌈Accessed 20 November 2016⌋.


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