Do you dare to answer? #3

  1. What are experimental exhibition forms? Do they include every space that isn’t a white-cube gallery space? Like factories, prisons, outside, theatres, big halls, shops, ect.? Are they still called experimental, if the locations are used multiple times for exhibiting works (for example Arsenale in Venice) and become sort of a renowned exhibition space? (Filipovic, 2014)
  2. If the artist “curates” his/her own exhibition, can we call it an art installation?
    The selection and the mode of representation is here a sovereign prerogative of the artist alone. It is based exclusively on his or her personal sovereign decision that is in no need of any further explanation or justification. The art installation is a way to expand the domain of the sovereign rights of the artist from the individual art object to the exhibition space itself. (Groys, 2009, p. 60).


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