David Bowie’s collection

Some time ago, my class visited David Bowie’s collection at Sotheby’s. I was so excited to finally go there and see this wonder from up close. And I wasn’t disappointed. I also saw Bill Nighy, so I was quite happy that day….

The exhibition of the works that went to auction was neatly curated, with, of course, the wow effect in the first room. But the most exciting part came the next evening, when the auction actually started. I was lying in my bed with my headphones, watching the live stream. It was one of the most dramatic things I have ever seen. Like even more intriguing and stimulating than ski jumping world cup, NBA finals and FIFA combined. I was jumping up and down the room, screaming and holding my breath, all at the same time. I couldn’t believe the prices some of the artworks sold for. It was almost like in a dream.

And of course the BIG question came to mind that is still bothering me: “Is being a superstar a vector here for higher prices?”

I really need to see other auction catallogues, to get the idea, for how much the works from the same artists sold, when they were not in Bowie’s collection. I think I can safely say that for much less…..




  1. featured image: personal archive

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