Ulay: I Other

I love Ulay.

And after reading Maria Rus Bojan’s book on Ulay and writing a review, I can’t express how excited I was to finally see all the mentioned artworks with my own eyes. And in my hometown Ljubljana (thank god I went back home for Christmas)!

The exhibition was held in City Gallery and featured most of the not-so-known works of art that Ulay is famous for. Almost everything, in(ex)cluding his performance art pieces that shot him to the stars.

Must say that Alenka Gregorič and Tevž Logar did a great job curating the exhibition. Essentially every series had its own chamber and had room to breathe. Nevertheless, some could argue it was even too “clean” and minimal at points. But I think it suited the flow they wanted to display.

Coloured walls brought contrasts to the emotional integration of every individual and dramatic music, accompanying one’s viewing were a pleasant surprise, “killing” the sterile white cube environment. Just like Ulay “slays” all the conventional norms in his practice…

All in all, the (never-before-seen) photographs, videos and documents transported me to a world of endless possibilities and imagination. Not to mention studious thinking and contemplation.

I was happy.

Simply happy.



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