Project brainstorm #1

This semester we are dealing with a module called “Reaching audiences”. And the aim is to: explores what curators need to consider when making live projects and presenting work in public contexts. The module includes the study of participation and engagement as integral components of contemporary curatorial practice. It addresses how we define the ‘audience’.  It compares the body of theory and practice around interpretation, participation and engagement with methods for evaluating impacts when applied to different ‘real world’ settings inside and/or outside the gallery.

Interesting. And exactly the kind of practice we need, if we want to reach people with what we do.

I started brainstorming a bit, about the projects I could personally do. Let’s say in the long run, sometime in the future, not necessarily for the University.

And here goes:

  1. To pre-research the idea of otherness.

Do you remember one of my MA proposals? The idea is still much much alive and I tell you, I am going to do something with it!

So, how will I start pre-researching for the project?

I would invite different groups of people (LGBTQ, intellectualy disabled, homeless, …) on private views of exhibitions around Bath and Bristol to see, how other guests behave around them. Do they make them uncomfortable or they don’t even notice them? It would be interesting to see, how people react, when they are in a proximity with someone who is not the same as they are.

And from that, I would be able to take my idea for an exhibition even further. Here you go, look in the mirror…




  1. featured image: California Ventura (2017) LGBTQIA Travel ⌈online⌋ Available from: ⌈Accessed 1 March 2017⌋.

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