Project brainstorm #2

2. To explore galleries and museums to see if their exhibitions are prepared for all learning styles (auditory, visual, tactile, kinaesthetic).

Ever since I finished the 2 year workshop Muzej od blizu in City Museum Ljubljana, I have been interested in that. We have been dealing a lot with the question of how to reach everyone. But is it even possible to do that??

I must confess, I love it when I can touch things in a gallery setting. And if I see loads of text on the wall, I start getting nauseous. This is different for everyone. And we, as people, who are making exhibitions, should take all of that into account.

How to present the context of the exhibition to someone, who does not want to stand in front of the wall for 15 minutes and read it? Or to someone, who does not like to use audio guides?

This could be a very long project..



  1. featured image: College Discovery Program. Learning Styles ⌈online⌋ Available from: ⌈Accessed 1 March 2017⌋.

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