My interests for WW1 private collections

At the moment I am so into writing my essay for Collectors and Collecting module about the private collections of WW1 in Slovenia.

I am still brainstorming my research questions, but here are some of the finds, which could be really interesting to look into:

  1. Seven private collectors of WW1 items from Soča region (Kobarid county), whose collections are open for the public and many more collectors with closed collections.
  2. Only one museum that deals specifically with WW1, set up in 1990 by private founders. It is not a public museum, but a private institution, working as a public museum. The founders transferred the management to a non-profit company of limited liability, which still manages it. However, in 2011 it was put in the official register of Slovenian Museums.
  3. The point of war museums and private war collections.
  4. Differences in collections: what do they collect and how did they set up their collections vs. the museum collection.
  5. Differences in the activity of museums and private collections. Collaborations.

    1. featured image: (1995) The Kobarid Museum. ⌈photograph⌋ Available from: ⌈Accessed 27 April 2017⌋.

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