Do you dare to answer? #7

  1. Georges Duhamel, a fiery oponent of film, calls it “a pastime for helots, a distraction for uneducated, wretched, overworked creatures who are consumed by their worries ⌈…⌋, a spectacle that requires no concentration of any kind, that presupposes no ability to think ⌈…⌋, lights no flame in people’s hearts, and kindles no sort of hope than the ludicrous one of becoming, at some time, a ‘star’ in Los Angeles.” (Duhamel, 1930)
    I know this has been said in a different time and under different circumstances, but I was wondering, if we can actually apply it to our time. Maybe Duhamel was more on point, than Walter Benjamin wanted to admit.
  2. So, what about this quote from Gary Hill: “Video is a movement that is bound up in thinking.” (Hill, 2015, p. 37)



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  1. featured image: (2015) Walter Benjamin. ⌈photograph⌋ Available from: ⌈Accessed 15 May 2017⌋.

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