Open call for eighthwonder 2017

I will be bragging a bit..

This year the honour to curate the eighthwonder exhibition at 44AD in Bath fell to yours truly. I am excited and a bit scared at the same time. But all these feelings are positive and have to be here. I trust myself and Katie O’Brien (44AD Project director) that everything will go as it should. And maybe even a little bit better.

So, here is the first step: the open call.

A theme for this year’s exhibition is IDENTITY (I have been hinting, weren’t I?).

The world is full of people, who channel their own identity into everyday life.
Be it is as individual expressions of character; through spirituality, culture, intellect and materialism. As a group through nationality, religion and politics. Or perhaps via object and industry – directing the veneer of corporate branding.
However, what do we actually mean, when we classify something as identity? What does this broad concept of existing as someone or something in particular, mean to you?
I am not one and simple, but complex and many.  Virginia Woolf, The Waves



So, if you are an artist and the theme resonates with you, please don’t be shy and submit your work on till 20th July 2017.

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