What is home?

You remember FaB?

There was this show ‘Other People Have a Nationality’, curated by Sveta Antonova, that really stuck in my mind. Maybe because it is conected to identity that I am researching. Or because I was a part of it?

On the web page it reads:

“Other people have a nationality. The Jews and the Irish have a psychosis.” – Brendan Behan
An exhibition project about the concept of home.

Everybody has at least one ‘home’, it is an abstract word that relates to a set idea of a place but is rather determined by personal experience.

Long before the exhibition, there was an open call by Sveta, who also participated with one of her artworks. She was looking for a 3 minute video, searching for an answer for “What is home”. Of course I couldn’t resist.

This is my home:

So, what is home? They say home is where the heart is. But what does that actually mean? Like, is it connected to what you love? Or your actual organ, that you take with you wherever you go?

I come from a small European country called Slovenia that will always be my home, because I was born there.

Whole my life I have been travelling the world. And not once I thought about home, as I was experiencing different cultures and engaging in interesting activities. Did not have time to think about my home. Nevertheless, they were mostly short trips and that could change if I was away for a longer period of time. At least I thought it would be like that.

Quite some time ago, I had the opportunity to go study abroad. But definitely didn’t have balls to actually say goodbye to my home and leave. It felt like I would be leaving everything behind. And I was scared to start a new life, away from the warmth of my home. My constant, my safe haven, my sanctuary.

But, but, I decided it is time to at least try. And I went to Italy for two weeks. Which I did 3 times over the years. And it was amazing and so not scary. The time away from home made me the person I am today. I grew up in my thinking, I grew up in my behaviour and my personality. Also, my family and I found out, that we love each other more, the less we see one another.

And now, I have been living in UK for nine months, go figure. I concluded that I need to make this step, if I want to evolve even more, not just as a person, but also in my career. And it is an experience I would never trade for anything. I admit, I miss home and I am excited to go for a visit during holidays. But it is not like I thought it would be.

My definition of home changed a bit, I could say. Home for me now is my family, waiting for me in another country. My friends, who I cannot wait to meet, so we can go partying. My boyfriend, who is sending me kisses somewhere in the distance.

And if I go back to the start of my monologue and again quote the ‘home is where the heart is’ proverb, I can say it is just so on point. I am living in a different country, but I feel like home. Why? Because I surround myself with things I love and the people I love and feeling very content with my life. I don’t miss anything from my country, I have everything here. This is my new home. I will just need to import my family.


My fellow Slovenian actually explains exactly how I feel in his video.

And what is home for you?



  1. featured image: Vidal and Groth (2017) Other People Have a Nationality.

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