Roman Baths

I am going to be short today. I just wanted to point out how much I love Roman Baths. I completely adore them.

As this is the one museum I suggest to everyone that visit me, I visited it 5 times on my own initiative (in the last 10 months). And I know I will be visiting it again and again.

First of all, I love Roman culture. It is just interesting.

And I can’t get over how good the museum’s layout is and how it is organized. Especially the audio guide.

Everywhere I go, I usually take the audio guide. And yes, it mostly contains boring information and data on years something has been made in. But here, it is just pure gold.

You can decide between three audio guides:

one is a normal one, second is narrated by Bill Bryson and the third one is made for children.

The normal tour offers a non-linear tour around the Roman Baths and its exhibits, with numerous detailed descriptions and commentaries bringing the history of the site alive. The tour is available in a variety of languages.

A colourful addition to the audioguides is Bryson at the Baths, a tour by Bill Bryson. His witty and incisive thoughts and observations on Roman life, history, and society can be heard by all English-speaking visitors who pick up a free handset.

A children’s tour is narrated by Michael Rosen. Kids can meet characters from the era who brings the history of the Baths alive through their stories and experiences of life in Roman Britain.

It is just amazing. And yes, I’ve listened to all 3 of them already. And will definitely go back to do it all again! It is just really interesting.

And I also have to mention their holograms (hopefully this is the right word). The presentations in a video form in the rooms are so good, you feel you are actually a part of the bathing experience.

You see how little museum’s need to make their exhibits attractive and egaging? I think many institutions could learn from them.

But don’t take my word for it, go check it out, if you still haven’t.



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