And we have a winner..

Finally, the day came, when we can announce the winner of the eighthwonder 2017: Law of Identity.

The jury was the audience, and 166 visitors casted their vote in the 10 days the exhibition was on. And it was almost a tie.

People have spoken and with only 1 vote more, the winner is lovely ELLA SHEPARD with her two artworks Wake and Ignite.


Congratulations, Ella, on winning a one-week solo show at 44AD artspace.

In addition, she will also get the tickets and discounts for arts venues and stores in Bath, named Freedom of the City.

The winners up to date are Daniel Rushforth (2013), Jeni Wood (2014), Vikki Yeates (2015) and Aisha Eveleigh (2016). The prize truly advances the support of emerging artists, which can be seen from the selected quotes:

For emerging artists an experience like this is to be cherished. The eighthwonder prize provided me with the support and opportunity to successfully show and sell my work, in a unique space, to a larger audience – at a time when this option simply wasn’t available for me.
(Daniel Rushforth, 2013)

My submission was lucky enough to be voted the public’s favourite in 2014 so winning me Freedom of the City and a solo exhibition in the Basement Gallery. This gave me an opportunity to show a wider range of my work and helped gain me commissions.
(Jeni Wood, 2014)

Congratulations again and we all hope that the prize will serve you well.



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