Jane Austen

Have to admit, have never been a really big fan of Jane Austen. Never read any of her books (blasphemy, I know!!), but have watched a few theatre adaptations and movies.

And when in Bath on the 200th anniversary of her death, one of course has to visit The Jane Austen Centre. Is it worth it? Meeh, definitely seen better museums. For me, the highlight was dressing up (yes, I do it everywhere that is possible). And the movie about her short life here in Bath is quite educational. All the other stuff on display? Nothing groundbreaking.


However, when you are strolling around the city one afternoon and you hear the drums echoing through the narrow streets, you have to stop and check it out.

I got caught in a ten day festival, celebrating Jane Austen. It all started with a huge procession of people, dressed in clothes from the regency era. And I am not kidding, like hundreds of people participated!

I followed them to the Guildhall, where Festival Fayre was taking place. 3 pounds to enter? Ok, it’s a once in a life time thing, I will never do it again.

I entered the Banqueting Hall and got lost in a clutter of dressed-up people. Looked around and saw a lot of stalls, selling the clothes, wigs and accessories. Which is really useless for regular visitors, however, the ones that deal with re-enactements must have had a blast. And surprisingly loads of people are obsessed with this and really taking it seriously. Did not know before that Jane Austen was such a big deal here..

Anyways, the highlight for me was a woman reading Tarot cards. And as I was on the crossroads of my future, I gave it a shot. And was completely amazed from the second she opened her mouth.


What is the moral of this story? Get lost in the things that are happening around you, even though you are not that interested in them. Because you never know where they will take you..



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