Have you ever heard of the Artbar at The Raven in Bath?

The Raven is a cosy medium sized pub that serves amazing pies (the ones even I actually enjoy). And there is nothing better to have a pint with. And with that also get some cultural education.

Yes, every third Tuesday of the month The Raven hosts the Artbar. The Artbar is a love child of Prof. Michael Tooby, a writer Ina Cole and artists David Moxon and Peter Dickinson. And it is really cool. It is a meeting place for talks and discussions on the visual arts by artists, writers and curators, followed by questions from the pub’s visitors.

Everyone is welcome to come and take pleasure in drinking, eating and listening to compelling views of the art world. In one way, the concept of ‘learning’ in a casual environment and meeting new people is not that different from our Salon48, actually. But they have been on the scene for many more years.

So, see you there next time?



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