Anthony Fry: A Retrospective

I feel the need to advertise one of the Holburne’s exhibitions, Anthony Fry: A Retrospective. I’ve spent many hours there to know that it deserves a higher recognition than what it is actually getting. It is true Fry is not one of the most famous and world-renowned artists, however, his connections to Bath are worth exploring, especially for the locals.

When you first step into the gallery, you are met with some dark paintings, but just around the corner, completely new world opens up – many colours meet the eye, which is especially good in these gloomy winter days. Even though some of the paintings might seem sinister, they make you happy in a way. Yes, happy. And if that is not a good excuse to visit an exhibition, then I don’t know what is.

At the beginning of your journey, you come face to face with groups of ominous figures that later transform into ‘light’. In these dancing figures, immersed with warm dark colours (yeah, I know, but it is true), the feeling of sacredness is felt, which steps away in the second room, where one can experience ‘pure life’ oozing out of the genre scenes (India paintings).

Every single one of Fry’s paintings is full of life; let it be dark or rainbowy, showing you the path to the brighter future (literally). If you can spare half an hour of your time and just a few pounds, I really recommend going to Holburne.

You know Ganesha, the Indian shop in The Corridor? Most of the customers commonly remark that the smell of burning incense permeating through the streets brought them in and how happy they are to come upon such a colourful place. They say that the colours make them feel alive and totally contradict the gloomy English weather. That feeling. The same one you will get at Fry’s exhibition. I promise you.


  1. featured image: Fry, A. (1999) Indian Landscape. Available at: (Downloaded 18.3. 2018).
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