Fringe Arts Bath 2018

Another year, another FaB. And I have to say that this year I was really really impressed by the choice of curatorial projects and the selected artworks.

Unfortunatelly it has already finished, so you can’t indulge yourself in it anymore, however I can try to describe a few of the highlights that imprinted on my mind.

There was one artwork I kept coming back for. It was a part of Soft Rebellion exhibition on Westgate Street, which ‘communicated a sense of subjective truth while being conscious of the interpersonal.’ Eleanor Turnbull‘s two screen video installation ‘How to fill in the time‘ really impressed me. The meditative repetition through Sisyphus labour, displayed with humorous inserts, showed the pointlesness of life. It made me contemplate about how life actually is just a time loop of series of events we are reliving over and over again..

Living in Hyperreality exhibition on Walcot Street was fascinating. In general, I was surprised by how many artworks were dealing with the issues of digital and technology, but here the whole show was dedicated to exactly that. Very thought-provoking works, very futuristic and at times eerie. And one of my preferred ones? Steph Hargreaves Cache 22. ‘Addressing the physical and virtual need for cleansing she has constructed a space, resemblant of a bathroom in which the participant is invited to virtually cleanse.’ Definitely my kind of style.

And I guess I can’t go past Tom Barker’s¬†prominent… on Walcot Street. I’m just going to leave it here..


But this is not all. There were many more ‘must see’ exhibitions and artworks, though these three are still rolling around my mind. Interesting, interesting.



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