Eighthwonder 2019 open call

Call for entries to 44AD’s Open Summer exhibition

44AD is delighted to be collaborating with curator Nina Jesih throughout eighthwonder 2019.
The theme for this year’s exhibition is muse.

gala, dali

“The muses are ghosts, and sometimes they come uninvited.” – Stephen King, Bag of Bones


Gracing the walls of gallery spaces, offices and households, typically it is the finished artwork that engages the audience. However, what is it that comes before that?

Since ancient times, artists have spoken about their need for inspiration, to find the spark that stokes their creative flame.

But who or what sparks artists today?

What is your inspiration? How do you start your creative process? What is your muse?

To be presented as a finished artwork, this open call invites you to express your influences and motivations – and to show the world what it is that inspires you. In turn, you could become the muse that inspires visitors to respond creatively, perhaps producing their own artwork.

dita von teese, camille vivier

HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR WORK: eighthwonder 2019


eighthwonder 2019 artprize:

Following previous year’s successes, 44AD artspace will again be awarding the eighthwonder artprize, which is voted for by the visiting public.

Prizes will include a one week solo show at 44AD artspace and Freedom of the City (in art-form)!!

‘For emerging artists an experience like this is to be cherished. The eighthwonder prize provided me with the support and opportunity to successfully show and sell my work, in a unique space, to a larger audience – at a time when this option simply wasn’t available for me.’
Daniel Rushforth, eighthwonder 2013

‘My submission was lucky enough to be voted the public’s favourite in 2014 so winning me ‘the artistic freedom of the city’ and a solo exhibition in the Basement Gallery. This gave me an opportunity to show a wider range of my work and helped gain me commissions.’
Jeni Wood, eighthwonder 2014


(I also curated eighthwonder 2017, check here how it went)



  1. featured image: River Phoenix and Gus van Sant
  2. Gala and Salvador Dali
  3. Charlie Wayne: Marilyn, excl. VAT
  4. Camille Vivier, Dita von Teese
  5. Charlie Wayne: Dean, excly. VAT

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