Self-isolate, but don’t go mad

It was just a matter of time till I raise my voice as well during this uncertainty. I urge everyone to be over-prepared, rather than not prepared at all. And don’t forget it is always better to be safe than sorry!

I will not go into any details on what you should/not do, but remember, we are all in this together. It is all or none. Please, be responsible and not nonchalant. You might be ok, but people around you might be feeling your recklessness later on.

If/when you are self-isolating, I understand you can go a bit mad, especially if you are used to hanging out with other people all the time. However, I will be very straight forward: if you can’t handle a few hours with your wife, you might want to rethink your marriage. And if you can’t handle a few hours with yourself, now is a great opportunity to look inside you. The world is giving us the time to grow and we should take it!

And to help you on your journey of self-fulfillment, here is a list of courses you can take online (and for free!):

Or maybe you miss art very much and want to take a walk through a gallery or a museum? Or you always wanted to visit one in another country, but never managed to?

Now you can. Travel here and here.

What about a TEDtalk or your favourite podcasts?

And this is only the beginning. With the technology we have in our grasp, we are never alone and we are always connected.

Please, be responsible, but don’t go mad. Stay safe!



  1. featured image: ⌈Downloaded 20th March 2020⌋.





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