MA proposal #1

I am thinking and thinking, but still can’t get my thoughts together. I have so many ideas in my head at the moment, I can’t just pick one and go with it. So I will be researching the best concepts I could use for my MA next year. Here is the first one:

“The aim of my project is to find out, if the employers in the UK art world are still conservative, or do they keep an open mind about their employees, when it comes to their appearance. Would the gallery rather hire a “completely blank” person, or an artistic one, with visible personality (eg. pink hair, tattoos …)? My approach will be the “hands-on” one, as I will be a part of my research. My participating (“going under cover”) can be described with phenomenology; I will use conversation, one on one meetings, interviews, observation and through that I will develop a theory. I wish to see, if someone will judge me on my appearance and think less of me because of it. My inductive research will take a qualitative form, as I will collaborate with just art institutions in the city of Bath, but could expand it in the future to other UK cities and even abroad. I already have the answer how the experiment would go in Slovenia and that is why I would like to check the UK and see if the country is also so conservative. The analysis of the results will not be hard, as I would get my answers almost on the spot.”

This is the topic I am passionate about and have been writing about it in my blog. I am just not really certain if it is the right one to base my master’s thesis on, even though I could be finding myself and where do I belong, through it.







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