Aims&objectives for my Research Methodologies essay

So, that time of the year finally came. Getting graded. I am a bit scared, but I think I chose a really interesting topic for my final essay for Research Methodologies (and sticking with it for the time being). Therefore, writing an essay won’t be that hard?!

Here are my aims&objectives that will clarify the subject I am investigating.

My overall aim is to determine a shift of an exhibition space from French Salons to a modernist white cube and back to closely hung art works and cluttered walls.

My objectives are:

  • To collect the data on French Salons.
  • To discover what a white cube gallery is and how the modernist museum practice is seen today in relation to different eras.
  • To explore how display strategies changed through time.
  • To examine gallery interiors through the knowledge of world renown curators.
  • To see how different gallery displays affect visitors.


The methods I will be using:

  • Review secondary research (literature) on the subject.
  • Look at ways I approach the display of a particular exhibition.
  • See how different curators approach the subject.
  • Visits to the galleries.


My approach will be phenomenological, as I will adopt observation and my own participation in the research. In the exploration, I will need ontological approach as well. My inductive investigation will take a qualitative form – I will use just a few exhibitions as an example and secondary sources on a similar subject.




  1. featured image: (2012) Antony Gormley: Facts and Systems. ⌈photograph⌋ Available from: ⌈Accessed 30 November 2016⌋.


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