Do you dare to answer? #6

  1. Can an exhibition be also viewed as a work of art? So, are curators also artists? Does an auteur theory apply in exhibition making? Coming into the realm of a star curator …
  2. How is it with the example of a curator Ydessa Hendeles? She sort of transforms works of art / adjusts the organization of an exhibition, to conform to her idea of space.
    My shows are designed and constructed to offer viewers a challenging and visceral opportunity, through contemporary art and non-art objects, to reflect not only on the components of the exhibition, but also on their own experience and engagement with the objects individually and in the way they are assembled.” (Hendeles, 2012, p. 52)

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    1. featured image: J. Paul Getty Trust (1969) Harald Szeemann. ⌈photograph⌋ Available from: ⌈Accessed 16 December 2016⌋.

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