Collectors of WW1 items

Have to start researching collectors and collecting in general for one of my modules. And at the moment my aim is to research private collections of WW1 items in Slovenia. There are so many, and so little public museums. Why is that?

I am very fortunate that my uncle Bojan Rustja has an extensive private collection and will be able to answer some of my questions, posted here, which will be my primary focus:

  1. Are you calling yourself a collector?
  2. What is the criteria to be a collector for you?
  3. Why did you start collecting war items?
  4. Do you have a list, an archive of all the items?
  5. Where do you look for the items?
  6. Can you explain more how you look for the items (metal detector, house visits, …)?
  7. What are the rules about that?
  8. Do you have problems with heritage people and what do you do about that?
  9. How is it with licences?
  10. How do you deal with the instance if you find something dangerous?
  11. A lot of people also give you the objects as a gift. How does this work? Are there any official protocols?
  12. Did you give something to public museums or other private collectors?
  13. Can you sell your items? Why (not)?
  14. Do you collaborate with the Kobarid museum? How, in what way?
  15. Do you know how many private collections of ww1 items are in Slovenia? How many are open for the public?
  16. How many museums on ww1 do we have in Slovenia?
  17. Why do you think we have so many private collectors?
  18. Why did you decide to open your collection to the public?
  19. What are the reasons for not giving the whole collection to the museum?
  20. What will happen to the collection after the owner passes away?
  21. Why do you actually have a collection?

I have to admit, I have never been really interested in this kind of collections, but I can’t miss the opportunity of having a collector in the family. Maybe I will fall in love. Wish me luck!



  1. featured image: Bizjak, M. (2015) Sestavljanke za otroke, orožje. ⌈photograph⌋ Available from: ⌈Accessed 30 March 2017⌋.



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