Art Dubai

Not long ago I was really fed up with this cruel English weather (16 degrees all summer, come on) and decided I have enough. I need to go live to a much warmer place. And the opportunity arose when I found out that Art Dubai is offering a traineeship programme. And not just one, but 6 different ones.

Dreams come true!

However, not everything is as perfect as it seems. I was really really excited when I was invited for 2 interviews, it really boosted my morale.

But, unfortunatelly, it is not the right time for me to take 5 months of and travel to Dubai. I would love love love to! The experiences I would get working on an art fair are priceless. But I would need money to survive. Loads and loads of money that I just don’t have.

So, I had to say no to the invitation. This time. I will definitely go for the same position next year! I feel I need this to expand my overall knowledge. Wish me luck!



  1. featured image: ArtDubai (2017) Art Dubai. Available at: ⌈Downloaded: 2 November 2017⌋.


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