Last week I came upon an interesting project that 44AD is showing. It’s called Outdoors and I highly recommend a visit.

Such a simple idea with such a huge impact, opening a discussion on current issues.

Early in 2017, ten exterior doors were hung in locations across the streets of Bristol. They were left to organically gather their own identities from the life happening around them. Nine months later and the doors no longer reside in their urban dwellings. Instead they lie awaiting the first of many residencies of a very different nature; in galleries across the country, before being auctioned off, with 100% of profits being donated to charities supporting people in critical need in the South West.

The project was orchestrated by conceptual artist, Beau.

“I wanted to challenge our perceptions of beauty and worth. Outdoors shows how we interact with the world around us. The doors were hung in plain view on city streets and were largely ignored by passers-by. Street culture adopted some of the sites, but others were completely neglected from the limelight. The artwork screams of symbolism for the critical situation of poverty and homelessness found in the UK’s cities today. Cuts to housing, mental health and social services are driving more and more people into critical situations. There are twice as many people living on the streets in Bristol than there was this time five years ago. This is happening right around us, yet we walk on past.”

Check out more about it.



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