Garden Gallery 48, The Awakening

I have some PR news about my side project that has been on hold for a few months:

Garden Gallery 48 is back after a much-needed hibernating Winter break. However, we would like to introduce you to a few changes that brewed over the last months. Our Gallery freed itself from beautiful chains of the premises on Great Pulteney Street and now exists wherever we want to, as a pop up. We will continue our work in the city of Bath, occupying its charming spaces and bringing an exciting blend of art, music and discussions to a variety of venues to inform and inspire. Stay tuned to discover the date and location of our first event of the year in March 2018. It is about time we started mingling again!

Garden Gallery 48 is a project of an artist Kit Glaisyer and me. Aaaaand we have a new addition: amazing Jessica Otterwell joined our team, so expect even more stunning events, such as the continuation of the incredible Salon48 where art, mind and music meet.



  1. featured image: personal archive


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